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Kosan Glutinous Cooking Rice Wine 


Size: 640ml

ABV: 12%


Glutinous Rice Wine (Nuòmǐ jiǔ)黄酒 Made from the fermentation of sticky or glutinous rice and is considered a form of huangjiu, a Chinese alcoholic beverage that is not distilled.


Apart from clearing the odor of raw fish or meat and to accent the flavor of food its resistance to high temperatures and can withstand long-term cooking.


It is very suitable for braising and stewing of meat products, such as the famous Chinese cuisine Dongpo meat.


Huang Jiu is also widely use for cooking yellow wine chicken (黄酒鸡)


Disclaimer : The sale of alcohol is restricted to individuals who are above 21years old and non-muslim. Any purchase of alcohol made through our website will be at buyer's sole discretion

Kosan Glutinous Cooking Rice Wine

SKU: 0007
  • 640ml

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